Movie Review for Movies I Haven’t Seen: TENET

TENET – WHAT DOES IT MEAN? The title sparks imagination, being a palindrome – does it take place in a parallel-universe? The poster leads me to believe so. 

Well I haven’t seen the film at all and I’m very excited to try to explain it to you. TENET is an acronym that stands for TO EACH: NITROUS. EVENTUALLY, TENET.

That’s right — everyone requires nitrous oxide to travel through time, and the actual acronym is part of the acronym’s definition, as clearly depicted by the main character’s clone.

In this film, time manipulation is involved somehow, someway. Time manipulation is involved somehow, someway.  You see what I did there? You thought you went back in time for a second, reading the same sentence again. That’s the movie TENET. But slightly cooler than repeating sentences. Slightly cooler than repeating sentences.


Let’s rewatch the trailer to get some more hints:

Here’s what we learned:

  • “Tenet opens the right doors and wrong doors” — a power that can be used for good & evil?
  • It has Wind Power, Boats, a cool Audi — these are all things I would require in a futuristic, time-manipulated universe.
  • Jumping up buildings (or jumping in TIME up buildings?)
  • Telekinesis – time reversal?
  • Russian spy Kenneth Branagh
  • Communicating with the future
  • Backwards Car Chases
  • Reversing the Flow of Time?

These are the very brief but core concepts that I captured.

So to summarize, TENET is an incredible film and that I absolutely loved, even though I haven’t seen it yet. Inception, Interstellar, Memento – we all know that Chris Nolan has proved to be a master at manipulating time in films and there’s no question he will surpass all expectations with this hit about time traveling nitrous addicts.

I love palindrome films I’ve haven’t seen yet and even more excited for the sequels:

TENET: RACECAR and the prequel:   TENET: WAS IT A CAT I SAW?