The “Do I have Tomato Paste” Drone Has Arrived!

tomato and tomato puree with parsley in bowl

Amazon has announced their new Ring Always Home Cam – designed to help people monitor many more parts of their home so they don’t need to install security cameras everywhere. Let me point out that I had this idea already, several years ago, thank you very much. But it was called the “Do I have Tomato Paste? Drone” – I wanted to be able to remotely fly a drone in my house into my pantry to tell me if I had tomato paste while I was at the grocery store.  But now, thanks to Amazon, you can have your home-inventory management robo-drone! Maybe!

The commercial shows the drone being triggered when an intruder comes in the home but the drone can also be set to deploy to a specific spot in your home. Correct me if I’m wrong, dear reader but I think the future is now.

Though, you won’t be able to manually control the drone – it appears the drone will only take a pre-determined flight path. From Amazon:

When you go through the setup process and set your preferred flight paths, you are ensuring that the Always Home Cam will only fly where you want it to go. It cannot be manually controlled, ensuring that it will only record and see what is important to you.

So when you go through the pre-determined flight path setup process, be sure to walk it past your pantry or your workbench or any other spot in your home you occasionally shop for – because the future of home-inventory-robo-drone-management is here!